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New Fic - The Legend of Korra

Hey, look! First post of the year here!

Just a little Tenzin vig I whipped up between tasks today. Dedicated to my (already) hard core "Team Tenzin" flisters. ;-)

The Last Shall Be First

Tenzin was only four years old when he asked his father why none of the other children could bend the air. There were more waterbenders in Mother’s classes than just Kya, but when his father taught airbending, there was only Tenzin.

“Because I was the last one,” said Avatar Aang.

“Like when Uncle Sokka eats the last dumpling?”

Aang laughed. “Sort of. Unfortunately, little airbenders take longer to make than extra dumplings.” He pretended to ruffle Tenzin’s hair. “Don’t be sad. I’m not the last one anymore.”

It would be many more years before he truly began to comprehend the sadness buried behind his father’s smile. Then the responsibility of it took deep root in Tenzin’s small heart. When his father passed, he felt it even more cruelly.

Now I am the last.

“Of course not, Tenzin,” his mother reminded him. “Somewhere out there, the Avatar has been reborn.”

That was true. Strange to think that, in a way, he would one day train the very one who had trained him. Still, there was more to do than wait on the Avatar to be found. He courted a wife. To his surprise, he even fell in love.

It wasn’t until the day they put his daughter in his arms that he fully began to comprehend the joy in Aang’s smile— a father’s indescribable love, yes, but something else. Connection, pride… relief. She was an airbender, his mother assured him.

When the White Lotus sent word that they’d found the Avatar, joy and relief lifted the weight of his burden even more, filling him with peace.

Not the last anymore. Only the first.

The burden was no longer his alone.

Booo, I have only six icons. LOL


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Mar. 27th, 2012 11:27 pm (UTC)
Awwww, I like it!! I love the idea of Tenzin being the first and not the last and the idea that he would one day train the one who had trained him. AWWWW.
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